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The name “KadMap” is a coinage for the holistic digital framework and infrastructure to deliver digital asset solutions. It is developed and maintained by Klosters Energy Services (KES). Embedded in the name KadMap®, are acronyms for keywords such as asset, data, management and platform.
KadMap® hosts a range of digital solutions to myriad challenges affecting engineering and energy (EE) assets and operations.
The scope of KadMap® encompasses several assets and operations of the EE industry.

KadMap® is a very data-oriented solutions platform with particular focus on digitization and data abstraction, specializing in the upstream (data sourcing/input, abstraction, classification and conversion) to the midstream (transportation and storage of data, including preliminary processing), to the downstream (further processing, visualization and end use) phases of data.

EE DATA Supply Chain

EE data supply chain illustration

KadMap® is an umbrella for all the technology involved from one end to the other in the EE data supply chain featuring both hardware and software making KadMap® the world’s first of its kind end-to-end digital solutions platform for the EE industry. Click HERE to learn more.

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