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The GridHive (GH) is an information system with an architecture that consist of a group of loosely-coupled nodes, each owned and controlled by separate organizations or entities, which collaborate together in a highly scalable and fault-tolerant manner to exchange data or perform other tasks.

Nodes can dynamically form groups, allowing organizations to share resources and collaborate while maintaining control over their individual nodes and resources. For more on GridHive click here.

KadMap® is a secure private data transaction system. It provides private and secure data and networking services to enterprise clusters.

KadMap® GridHive OS serves as the middleware for the GridHive facilitating secure and collaborative distributed computing. It provides robust privacy and security features, and enables peer-to-peer (P2P) access to nodes within the GridHive. As the operating system for the GridHive, it coordinates distributed computing tasks and streamlines communication between interconnected devices.

Unleash the power of a seamless and integrated digital solutions platform with KadMap®. Our cutting-edge technology encompasses both hardware and software components to provide a comprehensive end-to-end data supply chain solution. Discover the world's first solution of its kind, and take your operations to the next level. Click here to learn more and experience the full potential of KadMap®.