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The KadMap® Data Machine (KDM) excels in performing computationally intensive data processing, surpassing the capabilities of conventional web servers. It ensures exceptional uptime, ensuring the continuous and secure operation of critical business applications and connections around the clock.

Choose from the options below:

The A-Series series is appropriate for enterprises with 100 staff users or less. This machine provides a fast and simple way to deploy applications, store and share data in an enterprise. 

Enterprise: KDM A2022-E


For enterprises with intermediate needs, M-Series is most appropriate. Gain balance plus speed, resilience, and sustainability with M-Series. Ideal for a maximum of 500 staff users, excellent performance is guaranteed.

Enterprise: KDM M2022-E


The S-Series is capable of handling over a thousand staff users effortlessly with an amazing speed. This is a great choice for organizations with high demand for CPU, RAM and storage. 

Enterprise: KDM S2022-E, Industrial: KDM S2022-I

X-Series (Custom)

Whether it's simple or complex, we'll work with you to create a customized KDM that perfectly matches your needs. Effortlessly configure a KDM to manage over a thousand users, all while meeting your unique and complex requirements.